Kælling’s first album is called Lacuna. It is a concept album that revolves around the life of two characters. The first character is an empathic person, he can feel what other people feel, he’s happy around joyful people, he is sad around depressed people. Eventually, and because he can no longer know what are his own feelings, what his is own life, he starts searching for a way to stop feeling, someone that his is opposite, and that’s where our second character comes in. Our second character is a sociopath, he has no feelings at all, and that gave him an advantage in life, everything he did was calculated and he is an extremely successful person. In time he starts to think about feelings, he’s curious about how it feels to feel, he’s bored of winning because it doesn’t savor victory and doesn’t mourn loss, so he starts searching for a way to feel, someone that his is opposite, which brings us to the third chapter of our album. The third chapter revolves around the two characters meeting each other, the consequences and revelation of that meeting and a closure for both characters. The album has three chapters, Empathy, which revolves around the first character, Apathy, around the second and Certainty, which is the final act.